Welcome to safevoyages.co.uk.

Safe Voyages specialises in the promulgation of Radio Navigational Warning Updates (NAVAREA Warnings) directly to ships at sea. Our aim is to simply provide safety critical navigational data as cost effectively as possible whilst improving safety and ensuring compliance.

Up until Week 25 of 2011, a summary of important Navarea warnings from other Navarea Co-ordinators was included within Section III of the Admiralty Notices to Mariners. This information was available due to the UKHO being contracted to provide Royal Navy warships with Navarea Warnings. Being SOLAS Exempt, RN warships are generally not equipped to receive navigational warnings directly.

However, from Week 25 of 2011, the information to the RN warships was supplied by different means which meant the Navarea warnings within Section III was reduced to only what was required of the UKHO as a Navarea Co-ordinator (Navarea I updates only).

This change sparked concern amongst ship owners and management companies alike who questioned how their ships would receive this information now it was unavailable through the Admiralty Notices to Mariners.

Safe Voyages was formed during 2011 to provide the solution. Safe Voyages compiles and promulgates Navarea Warnings from all 21 operational Navareas on a daily basis.

This helps vessels plan and execute voyages with improved safety and ease, more easily demonstrate compliance and ensures In Force Radio Navigational Warnings are considered when underway and during voyage planning.